useful links

Life in academia is thrilling and rewarding. But it is easy to get lost in great opportunities, too. This list of links aims at providing some useful information to scientists at any stage of career or anyone who is interested in science.

academic life

Lots of advice for early career scientists.

Lots of resources and advice on a scientific career.

Extensive list of funding agencies for fellowships in Biology.

How to structure your work when you are overwhelmed.

Twelve great tips for reviewers by H.L. Roediger.

Career management tool for researchers.

Twelve useful tips for working in academia.

conducting research

Guideline how to report experiments in Animal Science.

An experimental design assistant for planning animal experiments.

Recommendations for authorship credits.

Great reference manager (free download).

Collection of Nature papers on statistical issues in Biology.

How to read and understand a scientific paper by J. Raff.

Brilliant introduction into data analyses with R (free download).

Really helpful to generate high-quality graphs in R (free download).

Fantastic homepage on free R reading material.

Free and user-friendly program to code and analyse behavioural data.

Brilliant overview over common tests by J.K. Lindeløv (summary).

evolutionary biology

The complete work of Charles Darwin online.

Revisiting key papers in Ecology and Evolution through interviews.

Great resources for students and teachers on Evolutionary Biology.

job advertisements

International platform for academic positions.

European platform for academic positions.

Evolution directory of career opportunities in Evolutionary Biology.

Platform for Master, PhD and Postdoc positions mainly in the UK.

US platform for jobs in science.

Academic positions in the UK.

European platform for academic positions.

Swiss job portal including advice on an academic career in Switzerland.

Nature magazine job advertisements.

New Scientist magazine job advertisements.

Library and information service of the National Primate Research Center.

Science magazine job advertisements.

Scholarship and research job search engine.

literature research

Google scholar: freely accessible and user-friendly web search engine.

Web of Science: subscription-based scientific citation indexing service.

PubMed: free search engine on life sciences and biomedical topics.

Information about academic journals, including their scientific influence.

Norway rats

Fantastic homepage all about rats.

Wildlife documentary about domestic rats released into the wild.

online courses

Online courses taught by leading researchers from all over the world.

Website that provides free online courses, similar to Coursera.

Free online resources on Animal Welfare, 3Rs and best practice.

Modelling and visualizing data using R, a great online course by D. Nettle.

Free author and reviewer tutorials on the publishing process.

primate sanctuaries

Sanctuaries in Brazil, summarised by the Great Apes Project.

Sanctuaries in North America, which are members of NAPSA.

Wildlife Centers and sanctuaries in Africa, affiliated with PASA.

Detailed information on PASA sanctuaries can be found in this article.

relevant associations

The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour

Animal Behavior Society
German Zoological Society

European Federation for Primatology

European Society for Evolutionary Biology

Ethological Society

Graduate Women in Science

International Council of Ethologists

International Primate Society

International Society for Applied Ethology

International Society for Behavioral Ecology

International multilab collaboration of primatologists

US postdoctoral association

Primate Society Great Britain

Society for Experimental Biology

Scottish Primate Research Group

The Swiss Zoological Society

responsible contact with animals

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: oldest charity.

World Animal Protection: international welfare organisation.

World Wildlife Fund: the world’s leading conservation organisation.